MIO Tibial Plating

A 24 year old male had a RTA and sustained a Femur fracture with a Comminuted Tibia Fracture and Compound Foot injury.

Tibia Fracture was Comminuted in the Mid shaft for about 2/3 rd of the tibial length. There was segmental fracture of the fibula

Pre Op Xray :

Considering the Comminution MIO/MIPPO plating was planned.

The length of the Plate could have been a problem and hence X rays were taken with the longest plate available.



    • MIO Plating was performed spanning the Comminuted Shaft fragment.

Segmental Fibula fracture was fixed with One proximal and one distal Rush nail.

Fracture united at 5 months and patient has excellent Functional Range of movements.

Dr. Kunal Shah

Dr. Kunal Shah

D(Ortho), D.N.B(Ortho), Fellow Joint Replacement(Germany)

Dr. Kunal Shah is the Director and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ashutosh Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat. He has special interest in Joint Replacement and Complex Trauma Surgery. He is the pioneering surgeon for Partial Knee Replacement and Comprehensive Knee Care approach in Vadodara.

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