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Hip Replacement In Acetabular Fracture
December 8, 2017
December 9, 2017

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A 24 year old male had a RTA and sustained a Femur fracture with a Comminuted Tibia Fracture and Compound Foot injury.

Tibia Fracture was Comminuted in the Mid shaft for about 2/3 rd of the tibial length. There was segmental fracture of the fibula

Pre Op Xray :

Considering the Comminution MIO/MIPPO plating was planned.

The length of the Plate could have been a problem and hence X rays were taken with the longest plate available.


  • MIO Plating was performed spanning the Comminuted Shaft fragment.
  • Segmental Fibula fracture was fixed with One proximal and one distal Rush nail.

Fracture united at 5 months and patient has excellent Functional Range of movements.

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