Hip Replacement In Acetabular Fracture
img-Acetabular Fracture

A 78 year old Patient had an RTA and sustained a Hip injury. He was diagnosed as having a Central fracture dislocation (Bicolumnar Fracture). He was not operated by the treating Orthopedic Surgeon considering the Risks involved at the Age. He presented to us after 7 months with ProtrusioAcetabuli with AVN of Femoral head.

His major Complaints were:

  • Severe restriction of daily activities
  • Night pain and Rest Pain
  • Difficulty in Sitting and Getting up


Pre Op Xray

Discussing the risks involved, the Patient was asked to undergo a hip replacement to alleviate his symptoms.

CT Pelvis was done to get a better understanding of the defects.

CT findings

  • S Defect in anterosuperior wall
  • Posterior wall was intact
  • Defect in anterosuperior part of head

Challenges of Surgery

  • Defect Reconstitution
  • To get the Perfect Rim fit
  • Early mobilization considering the advanced age
  • Restoring near normal Hip Centre

Operative Pearls

  • It was decided to use a Trabecular Metal cup and Uncemented Stem on the Femoral side Head and neck
  • The graft was Fixed with the Screws through the cup
  • Rim fit Gription Cup was placed and sufficient lateralization was achieved
Dr. Kunal Shah

Dr. Kunal Shah

D(Ortho), D.N.B(Ortho), Fellow Joint Replacement(Germany)

Dr. Kunal Shah is the Director and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ashutosh Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat. He has special interest in Joint Replacement and Complex Trauma Surgery. He is the pioneering surgeon for Partial Knee Replacement and Comprehensive Knee Care approach in Vadodara.

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