Comprehensive Knee Care

With the advances in joint replacement surgery the focus of treatment of knee arthritis has shifted to knee replacement. This has led to an increase in Number of joint replacement surgeries and has also expanded the age group in which the surgeries are performed. However there are a number of patients who have early to moderate arthritis and are definitely not a candidate for joint replacement surgery. We have devised a strategy where we treat the different Stages of Arthritis with Specific Management Options so that the progress of arthritis can be slowed down.

Three main strategies regeneration, reconstruction and replacement. We know that Regeneration is better than Reconstruction which is better than rReplacement. So if we choose the right patient we can give them a longer lasting solution which can prevent the progress of arthritis.

Use of PRP and stem cells in early osteoarthritis leads to regeneration of damaged cartilage.

Patience with Knee deformity need a mechanical realignment procedure To prevent the progress of osteoarthritis. High Tibial osteotomy is a time-tested reconstructive procedure which realigns the joint and provides excellent deformity correction and pain relief.

For patients with severe arthritis pain and disability joint replacement is the procedure of choice. With the advances in technology and implant design the survivorship of joint replacement surgery has increased up to 25 to 30 years.

Dr. Kunal Shah at Ashutosh Hospital pioneered this concept of Comprehensive Knee Care. We are one of the very few centres in western India which offer all these Options to the Patient.