Hip Replacement

Arthritis of the Hip is very different from arthritis in the knee. Usually the causes of hip arthritis are multifactorial and ageing is one of the least common causes. The age for Hip Arthritis is also in a wide range because of the multifactorial etiology. The most common cause of hip arthritis in young patients is Avascular Necrosis of Femoral head. The other common causes are Failed fracture fixation , Rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Hip replacement:
The hip replacement surgery is being Performed for more than over 50 years now. The advancement in the surgical technique and the implants has been enormous. The bearing surfaces have evolved and this has lead to increased longevity and range of motion.

The hip replacement surgery usually takes about an hour to perform and the patient can start walking on the same day after the surgery. We use the minimally invasive approach which ensures that there is minimal blood loss and very early post-operative rehabilitation.Patient is discharged on the fourth day after surgery.By the end of four weeks usually the patient can Walk independently and do most activities of daily life.

We have operated patients as young as 22 years old to patients in the ripe age of 90. The newer bearing surfaces like ceramic have increased the longevity of Hip replacement to approximately 30 years.

Dr. Kunal Shah has also been trained for Revision Joint Replacement surgery and we regularly perform surgery for failed replacements. The results are very good and the patients do almost as well as the primary joint replacement surgery.