Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery
Trauma Surgery

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery

Minimally invasive trauma surgery in orthopaedics, commonly referred to as MIPPO (Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Plate Osteosynthesis), is a modern concept of fracture fixation. It has revolutionized Orthopaedic trauma surgery and the fractures treated by this method have far better outcomes as compared to conventional and open surgical procedures. Badly comminuted(crushed) fractures and fractures in the elderly osteoporotic bones benefit greatly using this Method of fracture fixation.

This technique is a prime example of technology and skill coming together to give amazing results in the field of orthopaedic surgery.



The main aim of Minimally invasive surgery is to fix the fracture while preserving the biology at the fracture site. This facilitates the natural healing of the bone as the blood supply of the bone is not disturbed. This method is best utilized in fractures around joints like Knee, Ankle and Shoulder.



The procedure involves fracture fixation without exposure of the fracture site. A plate is usually introduced in a submuscular plane with special instruments with minimal disturbance of the fracture environment and vascularity of the bony fragments. Indirect reduction methods are used to align the fracture fragments. The plate is then fixed across the fracture site with the help of specially designed locking screws under the guidance of an image intensifier machine (Xray). This ensures a perfect reduction and a strong fixation of the bone.

Trauma Surgery

ADVANTAGES of MIPPO technique:

  • Faster Healing & Recovery
  • Less damage to blood supply of bone
  • Smaller Scar
  • Less blood loss
  • Less chances of infection

This technique requires a high level of training and the necessary instruments and technology for a successful outcome.

Few Cases done by MIPPO technique at ASHUTOSH HOSPITAL

Case 1 : Humerus Shaft fracture (Arm)

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery

Case 2 : Proximal Tibia Fracture (Knee and Leg)

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery

Dr. Kunal Shah

Dr. Kunal Shah

D(Ortho), D.N.B(Ortho), Fellow Joint Replacement(Germany)

Dr. Kunal Shah is the Director and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ashutosh Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat. He has special interest in Joint Replacement and Complex Trauma Surgery. He is the pioneering surgeon for Partial Knee Replacement and Comprehensive Knee Care approach in Vadodara.

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