Spine Surgery

Spine surgery remains one of the most challenging branches of orthopaedic surgery. It is advanced traumatically in the last 10 years. We have a team of spinal surgeons and neurosurgeons which specialise in the management of various problems of the spine. Surgeries are done for on surgeries are done for

  1. Degenerative disorders of cervical and lumbar spine
  2. Fractures of cervical dorsal and lumbar spine
  3. Infections in the spine
  4. Nerve root blocks for pain management
  5. Spinal Tumours

Dr. Jigar Anandjiwala is a specialised spine surgeon and Dr. Yogendra Bhatt is a neurosurgeon who complete the Spinal team.

Special emphasis is given on diagnosis and examination of spinal problems. This ensures that nothing is missed and the patient can be offered the right management protocol. A dedicated physiotherapy team also works on the patient and And this enables to avoid surgery in a certain group of patients. It also ensures an excellent post surgery rehabilitation.A team of orthopaedic surgeon, spinal surgeon and physiotherapist often discuss management of patients who Require special care and that ensures Customised treatment for the Patient.

Our Centre performs minimally invasive surgery and special image intensifier guided nerve root blocks. This has reduced blood loss and gives excellent result. Patient can be discharged in one or two days after the surgery. The cutting edge technology means that the patient can you get back to normal activities at a much earlier rate than the conventional surgeries.

High end anaesthesia equipment and our expert anesthesia team ensure that spinal surgeries have become very safe and predictable. Complications of General anaesthesia have reduced tremendously and that means that the patient can walk for few hours after the surgery.

On an average hundred spinal surgeries are done in an year. Around 60 pain management procedures are also performed annually.