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59 yr old male, sustained injury to Right shoulder following RTA.

Presented to A & E with C/O pain and swelling Right shoulder, restricted movements right shoulder with no distal neurovascular deficit.

Systemic Examination- normal.

X ray Right Shoulder -Anterior dislocation right shoulder with Fracture proximal humerus.

CT scan with 3 D Reconstruction of Right shoulder was performed.


Pre-op Images


Operative Details :

Closed reduction of Right shoulder dislocation was done with Percutaneous reduction with Schanz screw.

Internal Fixation and Plate Fixation was done with Anterolateral Acromion approach

Post Operative Images


Salient Features :

  • Classical Deltopectoral approach is an extensile approach and damage to Anterior structures can lead to instability
  • Closed reduction avoids the complications of exposing the anterior structures and makes a complex fracture dislocation a Simple fracture.
  • Fixation of posteriorly displaced greater tuberosity can be easily done by the Anterolateral Approach